Professional Document Scanning


Have you run out of space for your paperwork? Are your storage costs escalating?  A long term solution is to scan your paperwork on an ongoing basis, ensuring your files are always backed up.

We believe in delivering the best possible quality image. Using market leading capture software with perfect page we produce an electronic image from your paper that is second to none. Typically 18,000 images can be stored on one DVD ROM. Document Scanning is therefore ideal for converting those large filing cabinets to electronic image and freeing up valuable office space.

We can offer a scanning service on-site as well as off-site. If you prefer the documents not to leave your office we can project manage a solution to scan on your site. The image formats and index can be decided by you giving total flexibility to import our scanned images into your current in-house system if required. Alternatively we can return your images on CD, DVD, memory stick or Portable Hard Drive.

Once the document scanning is complete, the original paper can either be returned to your business, confidentially destroyed by confidential secure shredding but with a full confidential service.

Registered under the Data Protection Act with the Information Commissioners Office you have reassurance that our Professional Document Scanning bureau is the right choice for all your document scanning needs.

Scan on demand

Scan your documents as and when you need them so you can plan and manage your budget much easier.

Small volume or high volume archive?

We work on all project sizes.

we can set-up an internal scanning process.

Scanned files are converted to, “searchable” PDF files.

Customers can choose to have digital images output via:

CD, DVD, memory stick or Portable Hard Drive

Records can either be returned or securely shredded

Less space required - archive rooms and paper filing cabinets are no longer necessary !!

Ongoing Scanning

Instead of filing your paperwork after use, send it to us for scanning. Digital files are easier to access, are always backed up and don't mount up into archives that are costly to store. 

Files can be scanned weekly, monthly, quarterly or even half yearly. 

Perfect is you are short on space in your office !!


The key points to consider when choosing a document scanner are:

* paper handling, ensure the machine works with your     style of document
* image quality, to match the intended use of the             scanned images
* speed, to accomplish project within designated

  time frame
* durability, select machine with appropriate duty cycle     and maintenance options

Using the same technology designed for providing the quality and consistency required by professional scanning.

Whilst most scanners will provide a reasonable image, professional scanners with enhanced handling capabilities, feed-error detection and automatic document feeders with capacities of up to 1000 pages can give your business the crucial edge in document imaging.